4 Secrets to Use AI for Lead Generation, Qualification, and Conversion

Netflix, Amazon, and Google, are some of the most prominent names making the most of AI, but the scope from AI is far more from them. Though the range of AI is so diverse that it becomes challenging for marketers to determine where to go and how to start. Please read below to learn how AI is data-hungry, and the most suitable place to start is by feeding it with lead generation and sales.

Marketers hear a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) nowadays. But how do you really start using it? One crucial use case is lead generation and qualification. After all, the fittest AI systems shine at surfacing insights from massive datasets.

Few AI can utilize your marketing data to inform you more about your customers and prospects. Others use that data to obtain new prospects or recommend current leads to pursue. AI succeeds in gaining insights about leads from your marketing and sales data. Few AI-driven tools utilize that data to inform you more about your prospects and customers. Others use it to search for new prospects or suggest which current leads to pursue next.

In this post, we describe particular functionalities of AI for Lead Generation, so that you can easily and quickly understand the potential to improve how you interact with leads.

Better Understand Leads

Few AI practices are more reliable than humans at processing data. It’s expensive or time-consuming for humans to access large datasets manually. Even if humans could sort through all that data, they still may miss critical insights.

AI analyzes visual content from various social media platforms to understand consumer interests better. The practice involves looking at billions of photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It can recognize logos, demographic interests and objects depending on these photos.

For example, AI can interpret a brand’s Instagram followers to learn more about them. This may involve knowledge of other brands they like or what they post about most frequently. What results is a clear understanding of the audience’s interests and preferences.

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Find New Leads

AI practices find new leads for you, depending on the data you already have.

Artificial intelligence discovers and recommends new potential customers. It digs the associations between companies, products, people, and places on the web. That knowledge supports the system to decide which individuals may become customers in the future. The system also gets smarter as it goes.

AI combines with your marketing automation software to look for new leads. The solution can bring out new sales leads from out of office replies, obtain replacement contacts when people switch jobs, and email signatures for new phone numbers.

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Convert Leads to Sales

Several marketers also desire to get more out of the leads they already have.

Artificial intelligent automation and predictive data produce more repeat business. The AI-powered system customizes on-site content to maximize visitor engagement. Then, it attracts new users to that content and re-targets those who visit. Enhanced engagement leads to more excellent conversion rates and sales. Leads that spend more time on the content are more likely to buy from you.

In Conclusion:

AI for Lead generation helps you to suggest top prospects, enrich contacts, and predict win rates for particular types of leads so that your pipeline is at the highest quality possible. Not to mention, it ensures you target the best quality leads within that pipeline over all others — both reducing costs and increasing revenue.


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