Break Free B2B Series: Emily Thompson on the Power of Content Marketing in Health Care

Break Free B2B Interview with Emily Thompson

Break Free B2B Interview with Emily Thompson

Trust is the linchpin of modern marketing. It plays a crucial role in every vertical, industry, or niche. But nowhere is trust a more essential crux than in health care, where the personal stakes are immense.

“We’re in an industry where, you know, it’s serious,” says Emily Thompson in her interview for Break Free B2B. “This is about people’s health and well being, and a lot of times people get very nervous — they’re scared, they’re sick.”

As a Boston-based freelance writer and content strategist who primarily focuses on the health care sector, where she has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from startups to enterprise, Emily acutely understands the impactful nuances of messaging. She says seeing things from the other side — as a first-time mother who frequently sought information online — helped her develop a more empathetic view.

She incorporates this into her craft, creating patient-focused copy designed to build trust and confidence, and offers valuable insight for B2B marketers everywhere. In the interview, she shares some tactics and techniques that are being used effectively in her industry to achieve this rapport, from smartphone apps to user-generated content to data-driven personalization and beyond. 

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Watch my conversation with Emily below, and let her experiences and perspectives help guide you toward building healthier relationships with your B2B customers. 

Break Free B2B Interview with Emily Thompson

If you’re interested in checking out a particular portion of the discussion, you can find a quick general outline below, as well as a few excerpts that stood out to us.

  • 03:46 – The emerging focus of content marketing in health care
  • 07:05 – Big data in health care marketing
  • 09:42 – Responsible data usage and personalization in health care marketing
  • 12:35 – Leveraging traditional and emerging channels in health care marketing
  • 13:42 – Counterproductive mindsets in health care marketing
  • 16:14 – User generated content in health care
  • 19:55 – Challenges that span across industries
  • 22:17 – Rising demands from patients for digital 24/7 access

Nick: Can content marketing build trust in the patient care continuum?

Emily: That’s really what, to me, content marketing is all about. It’s building trust with the consumer, whether that’s a patient or a referring physician. And, I think that … when an organization can deliver strong content that helps inform people, it only builds that trust. And if you think about the patients that are watching, often they’re frightened, they’re overwhelmed, they don’t know where to go. And so there’s just a lot of opportunity in health care for marketers to really rely on content to help them build that trust.

When an organization can deliver strong content that helps inform people, it only builds that trust. @BosCreativeCopy #BreakFreeB2B #ContentMarketing #healthcare

Nick: Transparency is key in managing health care data. How else can marketers benefit the health care system? 

Emily: I think it comes down to messaging too, and if you make sure that your content is ultimately really helpful to the consumer. So, for example, I was on these apps [after giving birth to my son], and I was being served up a toy that might work for my son in his age and developmentally where he was at. Or food — we were struggling with a type of formula or milk that would be good for him. 

Ultimately, people just want information that’s helpful to them. It helps calm them down whether they’re nervous about their health information or they’re, you know, a new mom. It’s hard to be frustrated when an app is using information about myself that is ultimately benefiting me, helping me out.

Nick: Is there anything that stands out to you as a real opportunity for marketers, and specifically those who are working in the B2B space, to break free of something that might be inhibiting them?

Emily: Yeah. Break free from fear. I think that health care can be a very conservative market. And, you know, to be fair, there are reasons for that. We’re in an industry where, you know, it’s serious. This is about people’s health and well being, and a lot of times people get very nervous — they’re scared, they’re sick.

But I think that isn’t a reason to hold back from trying new things. I think that especially with digital, it’s very easy today to try a new type of message, or a new type of way of communicating to someone. Let’s say you never blogged before, why not try a blog? Let’s say you never did email marketing, why not try it? Or a new type of message? 

The worst that can happen is you measure it, you learn from it, and you try something new. I think that often, as health care marketers, we can get stuck in the same way of doing things. And, a lot of times it’s a little too safe.

[bctt tweet=”As health care marketers, we can get stuck in the same way of doing things. The worst that can happen is you measure it, you learn from it, and you try something new. @BosCreativeCopy #BreakFreeB2B #ContentMarketing #healthcare” username=”toprank”]

Stay tuned to the TopRank Marketing Blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Break Free B2B interviews. Here are a few interviews to whet your appetite:

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How to Throw a Coachella-Worthy Festival

Coachella is a festival that makes a ton of money. We’re talking more than $100 million in gross profits. Known for Instagram selfies and trending new artists, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a well-attended, huge event.


However, if your event company is thinking about trying to host a music festival, it’s not as easy as you might think. You have music talent to wrangle, logistics to figure out, security detail to hire, and parking issues to fix.

But if you’re ready to jump in and learn more about how you can make a big impact with your festival, keep reading. We can’t guarantee Coachella levels of success off the bat, but we promise these tips will lead to a great event.

Know Your Timeline

Look, all great events take time. It takes months to book musical talent, vendors, and the venue itself. If you’re trying to plan a big event, it may even take a year. What’s more, marketing the event and selling tickets takes time, too.

Figure Out Your Ticketing

For the best guest experience, it’s important that it’s easy to buy tickets for your event and move around within the event. For example, you might want to consider giving your guests cloth wristbands with integrated RFID technology if you really want to make your event stand out.

Also, specialized bracelets can give people access to VIP areas and other in-festival experiences. It’s a way to make the event seamless for attendees, so people can focus on making memories.

Calculate How Much Space You Need

Besides the actual stage where the talent will perform, you’re also going to need to figure out where the bathrooms will go, where vendors will go, and campground locations.

Establish the Budget for Your Festival

Don’t let your festival turn into the Fyre Festival. It’s important to get a mix of up-and-coming local artists in addition to a big act or two. You don’t want to go over your budget by splurging where it doesn’t make sense. You’ll also need to consider hidden costs like permits, any vendor costs, and insurance.

Decide on the General Flow of the Festival

People attending your event need food, beverages, trash cans, access to first aid, merchandise, and restrooms.

Hire Security and Erect Barriers

You need security for a lot more than putting a stop to pesky teens trying to climb over barriers to get into your event for free. You also need to make sure the crowd stays safe and there are no unruly people making the festival dangerous for others. It’s also a good idea to put up a tent or a few tents where people can get first aid, report theft or lost and found items, and so on.

Start the Marketing Campaign for Your Festival

In order to make a return on your event, it’s important to establish your marketing strategy early on in your advertising efforts. For example, you’ll need social media advertising, ads in your local paper, email marketing, and digital advertising.


It’s also a good idea to team up with the public relations people for the talent you’re booking for the event. They can help to coordinate your advertising efforts.

festival attendees

Festival Planning Is Unique

Festival planning isn’t necessarily like other events such as weddings or parties. It’s a highly specialized and involved form of event planning requiring expertise in organization and management. It’s critical to have industry experience and so you can network with people who can connect you to the talent and staff required for the event.

Before you decide
to host your own musical festival, it makes sense to try and partner up with an
experienced group of planners at national and local festivals to gain
experience. Plus, the people you meet during those work experiences may become
a pool of professional talent you can draw from when you’re planning your


Planning a music festival is a huge undertaking, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It involves a huge investment of time and money to successfully pull off.

However, if you have the experience and professional network to tap into for an event, it can be fun and rewarding. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan your event marketing. Then stick to a strict budget, and be sure to account for hiccups.

It’s important to be flexible because events are prone to mishaps like bad weather, cancelled musical acts, and other such “acts of God.” But by using this list, you’ll be able to put on a successful festival that attendees will be talking about for years to come.

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Higher Education And Your Business

If you own a business, you might think it is far too late for you to go back to school. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pursuing higher education as a business owner can do wonders for both your business and your team. In fact, there is nothing holding you back and everything to gain for your business success through higher education.


Here are five ways that advanced higher education can help your business grow.

Higher Education Improves Your Skills

One of the main advantages of additional education is an improved skill set. This is especially true for managers. Unfortunately, managers often get promoted to higher positions without ever receiving extra training or education. This can make the managers feel overwhelmed and unsure and is reflected in their work. A recent study found that over 50% of managers say they have never received management training. This most certainly costs your business in the long run.

You Can Continue Working

One of the main reasons adults do not engage in higher education is because they can’t afford to take the time off from work. Because of the growth of online education, earning a degree does not require you to leave your company in the hands of others. You can study while you work. Also, many courses are only a few weeks or months long. So, you don’t need to dedicate years to acquire additional qualifications.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Higher Education Builds Confidence

Learning new skills helps boost confidence. As we mentioned before, many managers feel unsure about their skillset. However, when they receive extra training, their confidence grows and they are more likely to be successful. This has obvious benefits for your business. Better productivity. Professional success. In addition, your self-esteem and happiness levels also increase. Research shows that people who train for their dream jobs (and then work in those jobs) are significantly happier than those who do not.

Creating New Possibilities

Education opens up new possibilities for you in your career. After all, an additional qualification makes you more qualified! However, many people think that on the job training is just as valuable, so they forgo education. However, in order to be promoted well and advance through your career additional education communicates your motivation to improve. That kind of confidence attracts more business!

Education Makes Employees More Valuable

Higher education does not only benefit managers; it can also benefit employees who want to improve their performance. Learning an extra skill set will make the employee (and therefore, the team) more efficient and productive. Supporting education also helps employees feel more motivated and passionate. This is very important, as a recent study found that over 80% of employees feel disengaged at work. That’s four out of five employees. Further education can help to reduce feelings of disengagement. 

For instance, if you run a healthcare department, and one of your employees gets a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, your whole team improves. The newly educated employee can take on more advanced healthcare roles and responsibilities. This eases pressure on other employees, and it makes the team more cohesive and productive.

Finally, higher education for employees improves employee retention. Over time, promoting uneducated managers leads to unproductive employees and high employee turnover. Turnover alone costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Therefore, promoting and completing additional education ensures that your business is being managed well. A win-win situation!

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How to Prepare for a Business Photo Shoot

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out? Then hire a good professional photographer to do a photo shoot for your business. Moreover, make that investment pay off by taking care of the finer details ahead of time. In this post, we share some tips about how to do that.

Does Your Business Need a Photo Shoot?

Whether for your social media posts, printed brochures, your company’s LinkedIn profile, or your own website content, professional photos are a must-have. Moreover, they are one of the easiest ways for your business to make a good impression.

The image you’re trying to convey will vary depending on the type of business you own. For example, a restaurant will have a very different style from that of a law firm.

There’s no one-size-fits-all policy with when it comes to professional photo shoots. However, there are a few things to keep in mind for every business wanting to create a great first impression via the use of images.

What Should You Expect?

Most professional photographs are either headshots or photographs taken from the waist up. They can be taken in a studio, at your choice of locations, including at your workplace.

How you choose to do your photo shoot will come down to what you feel is most natural and relevant for your business. Returning to the restaurant example, a photo of a chef wearing an apron and photographed inside your kitchen will be more appropriate than having them wear a suit and tie against a white background.

How Should You Prepare for a Professional Photo Shoot?

Think About What You Want to Convey About Your Business

Consider what kind of vibe you’d like your business to give off. Is your business serious or silly? Traditional or relaxed? The tone you choose will come across not only in your outfit and the location, but also in your posture and facial expressions.

Trust your photographer to do a photo shoot that brings out the best in you, but don’t be afraid to say what you want. Some people prefer being photographed from a certain angle that they believe to be more flattering. Many also don’t like to show their teeth when they smile.

Feel free to practice in front of a mirror before the actual shoot. Remember that even some photo shots of food take a long time to get ready for photos.


Prepare Your Clothing, Hair, and Makeup

If you have the budget for it, hiring a stylist for your professional photo shoot can really help make the images pop. What’s more, it’s not just women who wear makeup during shoots. Even professional male models and actors benefit from the help of a makeup artist. The right makeup artist will make skin look clear and bring out certain features.

Clothing for your photo shoot will depend on your profession. However, a classic office outfit, such as a skirt and blouse for women or a navy blue suit for men, is usually the go-to for corporate shoots.

It’s often advised not to go crazy with colors, patterns, or jewelry. These things can be distracting in the final image. Professional hairstyles for both women and men are easy enough to find. However, don’t worry too much about shoes, as these are rarely seen in the photo anyway.

Hire the Right Photographer

At the end of the day, you’ll want a photographer who puts you at ease. You’ll also want someone who is professional and punctual, and, of course, who takes great photos. It’s not always about their fee or their level of experience. In fact, you can find many great photographers fresh out of training or even still in college who are eager for a corporate photo shoot.

Just because a photographer has 15 or more years of experience doesn’t mean they’ll fit your ideas or your budget. A fresh graduate might bring plenty of fresh concepts and an infectious level of enthusiasm that makes you feel relaxed. You can easily search for photographers online. Then look through their portfolios to find someone who matches your plans for a shoot.

A Professional Photo Shoot Can Put Your Business Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

In this age of selfies and a flood of digital images, having a professional do the job can make all the difference. So show your business in the best possible light by choosing the right professional to do your company’s photo shoot.

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Employee Retention Tips for 2020

Employee turnover costs your company in multiple ways. In fact, reports show that turnover costs employers a whopping $15,000 per employee, mostly for reasons that are avoidable. In addition, there are massive ramifications to the entire company when your top star leaves the team. As a business owner, attention to employee retention is key for a thriving work environment.

Feature Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

If you run a small business, you are most likely faced with limited resources. So, retaining your best and brightest is vital to your business success. Therefore, efficient and effective employee retention strategies help to improve office morale and productivity. Such strategies ensure that your best workers don’t leave you for the competition. 

Consider these three simple and cost-effective employee retention strategies to help you succeed. 

Communicate With Your Employees

You might think communication is handled. Employees come to do their job and go home. However, healthy and transparent communication significantly improves employee retention. Great communication encourages employees to ask questions, addresses employee and company concerns, and provides you a vehicle for receiving feedback. Considering employee feedback and follow-up are key factors for effective leadership. Great leaders foster excellent employees and positively impact employee retention.

Experts explain that “an emphasis on communication equips employees to feel valued, satisfied and motivated which enhances their morale and increases their output.”


Our favorite tool to communicate with your employees is Connecteam’s free employee communication app. In the click of a button, you are able to create a two-way communication channel. Managers can send private or group chats and updates. The platform allows you to share weekly goals, celebrate the employee of the month, send birthday wishes, release company announcements and more. Additionally, employees have a tool to communicate with you in real-time if they have issues. Apps like this make communication simple and effective.

Hire For Retention

According to Glassdoor, 35% of employers who hire new employees already anticipate that other employees will resign in that same year. If your hiring strategy includes the expectation that existing employees will soon resign, something isn’t working! Make changes toward retention rather than hiring a workforce you expect will not be with your company for long.

To begin, revamp your interview process. Ask questions that help bring out qualities that you seek to develop among your employees. Consider past performance relevant to tasks you’re hiring for. Be consistent across interviews so you can utilize lateral comparison. 

Employee Retention - Interviews
Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Next, ensure that the job description is clear. Many new hires reported that they would stay at a job and company longer if they knew more about their job role early on. It is essential that you do not omit details of the position. Take the time to find the right candidate, even if you are desperate to fill the vacancy. Remain transparent so the right employee joins your company and stays for the long term. 

On-Boarding Is Crucial 

As soon as a new hire arrives on their first day, make sure they’re set up for success!  teach them about the company culture, training opportunities, mission and values, and so on. Make clear to them that their job role and responsibilities, while very important to success, are just a part of their relationship with your company. HR experts say, “Onboarding new hires at an organization should be a strategic process and last at least one year to ensure high retention.”

Employee Retention Makes The Difference

Employee retention is just one strategy for your business’ success. Still, having the right team with the right employees invested in your company’s success makes the difference. In order for them to invest and be loyal to you, invest and be loyal to them. Your business will most certainly reap the rewards.

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How Would You Like to Study Business in Europe?

If you’ve decided to study for an advanced business degree, your next step is to decide where to study and at which school or university. When making your choice, do not simply limit yourself to studying in America, because there is a far more interesting option out there.

Study in Europe!

Europe offers many hundreds of years of history, culture, and learning. In short, with their diverse and interesting history, European schools know a thing or two about education.

No matter what your requirements, there is a school or college in Europe that will provide you with exactly what you need. As continents go, Europe is small. But with 51 countries, each having its own culture, language, food, architecture, art, and music, there is nowhere else on earth that offers quite so much.


In fact, you will find unrivaled institutions where you can study business in Europe. What’s more, some of these top-rated schools charge minimum fees, and some even offer free education for all.

Additionally, Europe has many cross-border agreements between countries. This has strengthened their international academic community and enhances their diversity and research facilities.

Travel Easily Within the European Union

Once you’re inside the European Union you have the freedom to travel across borders. Just imagine: You will have the chance to visit some of the most famous and historic places on the planet. Meanwhile, you’ll be mingling with lots of other international students and travelers.

To have studied in Europe proves some things to any potential future employer. For one thing, you will have attained skills that are second to none. You will also be showing clearly that you are willing to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. To top it off, you will have obtained your education on a continent that is a world leader in developing cross-border business.

If you can add any of the many fine European business schools to your CV, your future employer is likely to try to snap you up in an instant.

Europe is home to some of the world’s largest economic centers and business hubs, and all of them have so much to offer. Places such as London, Montreux, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, and Oslo are just the top of the list of top-rated European cities.

Moreover, each of these cities is a powerful hub of business activity, with each having their own extensive background of history and business experience.

Many Americans Choose to Study in the UK

Many American students choose to study in the UK because there is no language barrier. Plus, the UK is home to many globally acclaimed schools. Universities in places like London, Oxford, and Cambridge are only three locations out of many.

Once you find a school that suits your needs, they will help you to obtain your study visa and Schengen visa for the duration of your studies. This is an easy process and provides easy access to the rest of Europe. From London, for instance, you will be only an hour or two away from just about any part of Europe. Therefore, travel and exploration will be extremely easy.

But You Can Study Instead on the Shores of Lake Geneva

Montreux Business School is a serious contender if you are looking to study in the heart of Europe. Located in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva, this school offers a whole host of internationally acclaimed business programs, including online studies. All its courses are taught in English by its renowned international and multicultural faculty.

Or Study in Germany for a Free Education

If school fees are a problem for you, then consider studying in Germany. There, most public universities offer free education. In fact, you need to pay only a small administrative fee plus your housing and personal expenses.

However, don’t imagine that schools in Germany offer lower-quality tuition just because they are free. They don’t! The quality is as high as any other.

Europe Offers a Wide Range of Settings for Your Schooling

There are many countries to consider for places to study in Europe. For example, Switzerland is famous for its banking industry, and the Swiss know a thing or two about business. Moreover, Switzerland is home to universities in Geneva, Zurich, Bern, and many other cities.

Or you may want to study in France. Located near the center of Europe, France has one of the largest economies in the world. Plus, its diverse history and culture are unrivaled.

Within Scandinavia lie several Nordic countries with schools that are incredibly diverse and of high quality. What’s more, EU residents can study for free in Sweden and Denmark, although living costs can be pricey. And Norway offers free tuition to anyone at most of their universities.


So enjoy choosing the European location where you’ll advance your education in business. You have quite an adventure ahead of you!

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Best Payment Methods for Low-Deposit Casinos

One of the most important things an online casino player must consider is the payment method they will use. This is because they need effortless money transfer options from and to their own accounts.

The payment choices are limited, however, for online gamblers who want to try their luck with low-deposit casinos. In this post, we offer a few suggestions.


If you own an online casino you already know that most casinos provide various flexible banking options. Perhaps your casino does the same. However, some of these options can come with high transaction fees for your customers. And gamers who want to try their luck with a low-deposit casino may not be able to use such options.

In fact, sometimes the transaction fee will be higher than the minimum deposit your casino requires. Therefore, you can easily lose potential customers, as they can only choose from among those casino sites that require the smallest initial payment.

However, if you can help them find better payment options, perhaps they can stay and play at your casino instead.

What Is a Low-Deposit Casino?

Online casinos that require a minimum deposit that’s very small are called low-deposit casinos. These casinos are licensed and regulated, and they allow users to play real money games with only the smallest of initial deposits.

In fact, there are both desktop and mobile gambling websites that allow the user to play with deposits as low as $1. (However, some low-deposit casinos require deposits of $10 or more.)

Users can sign up for these online casino sites for free. Then they pay a nominal fee to play any real cash casino games and claim any bonus. Moreover, they can even double their playing funds by using matching bonuses. These types of bonuses have become popular in almost all parts of the world.

Players can access table games, jackpot slots, and live casinos using only a little money. Low-deposit casino sites will often let the player keep the winning cash. However, often the casino will only cash out the money according to their terms and their conditions for the bonus wagering requirement.

In many low-deposit casinos, the gamer can use any of the major currencies. For example, a £3 minimum deposit casino might also accept USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, SEK, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

payment methods for low-deposit casinos

What Are the Advantages of Low-Deposit Casinos?

Most novice gamblers find minimum deposit casinos the right way to get a taste of real money gambling online. This is because, with a minimum initial investment, their risk of losing money is minimal. Some of the advantages of playing on these sites are:

  • With a small amount of cash, gamers can access the best real money games
  • A low-deposit casino allows a player to test the various casinos without investing much money
  • Low-deposit casinos are better for people who are betting with a tight budget
  • The player can enjoy bonuses
  • These casinos are easy to access and make payments to

However, there are a few disadvantages to selecting these sites as well. For one thing, some casinos will not allow low-deposit players to claim all the sign-up bonuses. In other words, in many cases, gamers who choose the low-deposit option can only claim the bonuses specifically available to low-deposit players.

Moreover, the amount of the low fee will depend on the currency the player deposits. And if a gamer has only a small credit, they may not be allowed to play some specific games.

Players Can Choose from Among Online Banking Payment Options

Online banking has become one of the most trusted ways to make payments to gambling sites. What’s more, it’s the fastest way as well.

There are many online money transfer companies that offer sophisticated and easy methods for fund transfers. The user can do all the transactions from the comfort of their home and not have to wait in a line at a bank to take care of transactions.

Some examples of online banking payment options include credit and debit cards as well as e-wallets such as Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, and Ecopay.

Alternatively, gamers can choose from among popular cryptocurrencies for making deposits or withdrawing money from casino websites. For example, most online casinos will accept Ethereum and Bitcoin.

However, players need to consider interest rates. They also need to find out if a particular casino will allow both deposits and withdrawals by their preferred method before they finalize their payment options.

Or Select Mobile Payment Options

Another great payment option available to online gamblers who want to make small money investment is mobile payments. The number of gamblers using mobile payments is increasing day by day, as most online play sites allow mobile payments. The options include Payforit, Boku, and Zimpler.

low-deposit casinos

Then There’s Offline Banking

If a gambler feels that transferring money through online methods is not safe, they can opt for the offline fee methods. These include bank drafts, bank wires, checks, Western Union Money Transfers, and Money Gram. But these methods are time-consuming because the user must travel to a land-based outlet to complete the transfer. Moreover, they are expensive as well.

What Are Your Best Options?


Digital currency, or cryptocurrency, has become one of the major online payment options for game players all over the world. These digital currencies came into existence during the global recession in 2008. Thereafter, they quickly became the most popular currency for those who are looking for anonymous and safe funds transfers.

Moreover, this method allows people to avoid banking fees and regulations on money transfers. This has become a great option because it allows players to enjoy high bonuses without having to pay fees. The only problem is that not all casinos will accept this mode of payment.

The different cryptocurrencies one can use for payment include:


This is the world’s first decentralized currency. It gives the user complete control over its value by way of the peer-to-peer operation. Players should search for the online casino minimum deposit sites which accept Bitcoin before they start to play.


This is relatively a new cryptocurrency, but its value and popularity are increasing daily. Players can easily make international transactions and remain anonymous by using this mode.




PayPal is the most popular e-wallet among gamers around the world. It offers a fast and secure way to make payments. You need to have a PayPal account linked to your bank account or credit card in order to use it for a fund transfer. There is no maximum deposit limit for PayPal.


This e-wallet is the right choice for anyone looking for the lowest fee for funds transactions. Additionally, it offers fast payout and exceptional security. Many poker and other online gaming category players use it because of its fast and easy operation. Neteller supports more than 26 currencies and offers the best customer service, which makes it appealing to users.


Earlier known as Moneybookers, this e-wallet is quick and convenient for safe transfers of money from and to a player’s account. Skrill clients can store their bank card information in their Skrill account, making depositing and withdrawing easier. Most casinos outside the US will accept Skrill transactions.



Users can purchase vouchers with their Paysafecard 16-digit PIN from nearby stores. Then they can make payments with those vouchers. This card offers flexibility as it allows the user to pay and withdraw money using the safety PIN.


This is a virtual credit card. An
Entropay account allows the client to use a virtual prepaid MasterCard and Visa
card. Different types of credit and debit cards can be used to fund the
Entropay account.

Select the Right Payment Method for You

Gamers need to select a payment method that’s suited to their playing requirements.

To find the right method for you:

  • Look for most trusted and secure methods
  • Choose a payment method that is recognized by authorities
  • Select a method that has been in operation for a while
  • You want a payment method that will protect your identity and personal data

Keep in mind that e-wallets offer the fastest payment methods. In fact, they are designed for speedy payments.

Whichever methods you prefer, be sure to choose only those that comply with the rules and regulations of your country for making online payments.

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Full Stack Development: Global Trends

What is a full stack development team, and how can you build a team that suits your business?

The complex and demanding nature of software and web development environments demand expertise in multiple areas. Consequently, the need for a full stack team is now a top global business trend.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for full stack developers will grow about 13% through 2026. This growth is much higher than it is for other roles in the software development industry. In short, these talented individuals are in demand. 

Let’s talk about what a full stack team is and look at what you need to do to build a team that best suits your business.

What Is Full Stack Development?

Full stack development refers to comprehensive client-side and server-side software development. In other words, full stack development deals with software development for browser, database, and server. Therefore, a full stack developer must have a comprehensive knowledge of all layers of software development.

To qualify as a full stack developer, a software engineer should have command over front-end browser technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, React, Vue, and JQuery. Such engineers must also know server technologies such as Python, PHP, Node, and ASP. Lastly, a full stack developer should have expertise in database technologies like MongoDB, SQL and others. A good full stack developer can develop a complete software program, integrating all development areas. 

Full Stack Development In The Modern Market

The role of a full stack development team is very important in modern software development projects. This is especially true for web development projects. The modern, single web application is complex and demands features and capabilities that the end-user wants. As such, a full stack web developer knows all layers of software development, so they can create an integrated solution to fill a company’s needs.

A full stack development team allows businesses to have complete control over software development and development cost. Such a development team provides a company with a competitive edge. Consider these benefits of employing a full stack development team:

  • The ability to provide a comprehensive solution to complex problems
  • Reduced cost of software development
  • Faster delivery of projects and releases
  • Effective communication and coordination
  • Easy to troubleshoot the software issues and modify the code 

Building Your Team

As a business owner, you must employ experts who work within multiple domains. For instance, your total staff will need to provide software development, human resource management, legal support, social security reporting, and much more. A full stack development team will provide your company with this variety of expertise among fewer employees. In order to build the best team for your company, consider these tips.


Maintain Technology Stack Skills

Most importantly, you must carefully assess the requirements of your projects and choose the right technologies for your full stack development projects. You should make a comprehensive list of technologies that you want to use in your development project. Then, hire a team that has complete command over the technology stack you have identified. 

You need to ensure that your team can produce on server-side, client-side, database, and software design technologies. Therefore, make sure your team has the skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, popular JS frameworks, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, C++, server-side JS frameworks, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UI/UX, testing, and others.  

Cost Considerations

The average cost of hiring a single full stack developer is much higher as compared to other software engineers, but the overall benefits are also higher. Therefore, the salary of a full stack developer ranges between $44,000 and $111,000 per annum. Total salary varies based on skills, qualifications, and experience. However, the average cost of building a full stack team should be always less than average development cost anticipated by individual developers.

A Backup Plan

There is an acute shortage of all types of software developers in the market. The shortage of full-stack developers is more severe. In addition, a huge demand is emerging in the marketplace. In such situations, it is very difficult to retain your tech-talent. So, always prepare a backup for any kind of switching of tech resources from your team.

Quality Over Cost

The cost of the full stack development is increasing due to increasing demand. The number of full stack developer vacancies is projected to cross 853,000 by 2024 from just 135,000 in 2019. Though the competition is high, always choose quality tech-talent.

full stack development team

Combine Experience And Location in the Development Team

To make a better team, choose a mix of experience in recruiting members of your full stack development team. You can reduce the cost and maintain good quality by hiring human resources from remote locations among those with a variety of experience.

Final Takeaway

Hiring a full stack developer team offers numerous advantages to small and medium-sized enterprises for achieving the desired business goals. Consider building your team now in order to experience growth for your business.

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