RevenueWire: A Platform for Online Advertisers

RevenueWire provides a tool for tracking sales from referrals and advertising promotions directly, helping marketers and advertisers make better-informed marketing decisions. The technology of this B2B platform also includes payment processing for these sales.

Beginning in 2007, RevenueWire focused primarily on working with software advertisers to help them track and measure results from their online promotions. The company grew significantly between 2007 and 2014, primarily by expanding its client base and gradually extending into other tech sectors.


RevenueWire Provides Excellent Customer Solutions

In November 2014, the company separated the payment processing component of the platform from its general operations. They now focus exclusively on providing excellent performance marketing solutions by using technology that automates offers promoted by online marketers. Payment processing options are now provided through a separate component.

The company made other significant improvements to their performance platform around 2017. At that time, they expanded software capacity to include any referral event, not just sales conversions. This expanded RevenueWire’s ability to track sales from a broader range of promotional activities, including lead submits and downloads as well as other types of conversions.

This development turned out to be a significant growth strategy. Because of the platform’s capacity to provide more and deeper insights, the company can now serve a wider range of clients from a broader range of industries.

The Company Provides Solutions for Multiple Verticals

Instead of limiting their focus to the software industry, RevenueWire now provides solutions for companies from many verticals, including:

  • Background and security check platforms
  • Banking and finance solutions
  • Cyber-security and digital security providers
  • Dating platforms
  • Downloadable software
  • Gaming platforms
  • E-commerce sites
  • Insurance platforms
  • Utility platforms

What Does RevenueWire Provide for Advertisers?

RevenueWire provides advertisers with opportunities for growth through its global partner programs. This benefits companies regardless of whether they aim to generate new leads or to increase conversion, or both.

In fact, RevenueWire has been working with hundreds of top-of-the-line advertisers for more than a decade, and the company’s sophisticated tools have helped advertisers see a rise in public engagement.

RevenueWire’s comprehensive performance marketing and payment processing tools simplify critical aspects of global transactions within a single platform. Advertisers gain growth opportunities through access to publishers from all over the world. Meanwhile, RevenueWire’s expert management capabilities simplify ongoing partner resell programs, as well as seamless payment processing, anywhere in the world.

More than 25,000 top-notch performance marketers—representing numerous acquisition models, including CPA, CPS, CPI, CPL, and Revshare—rely on RevenueWire. This is because RevenueWire provides comprehensive solutions for advertisers who want to see low risk and high returns. Moreover, the company provides solutions for those who seek to simplify the expansion of global distribution and scalability.

In addition, RevenueWire provides expert account management capabilities. Their solutions are optimized to maximize renewals and minimize churn while driving traffic on a wide range of geosites.

What Are the Advantages for Publishers?

For publishers, RevenueWire facilitates high payouts and improved cash flow by connecting partners with top brands and advertisers. Additionally, RevenueWire streamlines regular payments from sales generated by online referrals and promotions.

RevenueWire provides multiple acquisition models to companies in a variety of verticals. In addition, they provide regular access to top brands and their latest promotional offers.

What Lies Ahead for RevenueWire?

RevenueWire is projected to make more than a million conversions on its tracking platform over the course of 2020. This represents traffic from more than 180 countries and a healthy client base consisting of roughly 25,000 partners all over the world.


For more information on RevenueWire, visit their website at http://www.revenuewire.com or connect with them on Facebook.

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