Work Injury? You May Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

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It’s the business owner’s nightmare: an employee’s work injury. Will your insurance cover their medical costs? Will you be able to recover from lost hours and their time off work? Of course, the first thing your employee must do is seek medical treatment before the injuries become worse. However, you must also report the incident to the relevant authorities as fast as possible. This ensures that you are as protected as possible while supporting your employee. Additionally, a personal injury lawyer for them ensures that they get the compensation they need while healing from a workplace injury.

Normally, workplace injuries resolve easily thanks to workers’ compensation insurance. However, some cases are much more complicated. In such cases, you may need to call a legal expert to interact with an employee’s personal injury attorney. Examples of instances when employees may involve a lawyer include the following scenarios.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Specialize in Work-Related Injury 

Employees should seek help from a legal expert when they have sustained serious injuries from a workplace-related accident. Serious injuries can result in huge medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and even disability. Their personal injury lawyer will advise on the best action to take. This way, they will get maximum compensation.

Therefore, before an employee rules an injury as minor, they should get a medical exam from a qualified, experienced, and reputable health professional. 

Does Your Business Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

As a business owner, it is imperative to have workers’ compensation coverage. Without it, you are vulnerable to situations that are out of your control.

For example, if an employee is hurt on the job and the employer does not have workers’ compensation coverage, the process of getting compensation for their injuries is more complicated. In such a case, they may have to bring a lawsuit against you, the employer. However, that lawsuit must prove liability for them to get compensation for their injuries.

A personal injury lawyer can help in collecting and presenting the evidence they need to prove the employer is responsible. In some states, employees may qualify for compensation through the uninsured employers’ fund. Your own lawyer can help in determining if this is an option for an injury situation at your business.

A Lawyer Helps When a Claim Is Denied or Disputed 

One of three things will happen when an employee presents their claim: approval, denial, or dispute. Pre-existing injuries or the extended timeline from injury-to-claim tend to result in denial. Insurance companies may argue that the injury was not work-related. If the claim is denied or they feel that the insurance company is giving them less than they deserve, they should talk to a personal injury lawyer. 

Was a Third Party Involved?


Was a third party involved in the accident? If so, the employee should be collecting compensation for personal injuries from someone other than their employer. Don’t hesitate to talk to an experienced attorney about it. 


A good attorney will do their best to ensure that the employee receives the compensation they deserve. As a business owner, your insurance coverage, along with due diligence and advice from an attorney, can ensure you are not adversely affected.

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